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The most important decision you have to make when buying your home in Charleston SC is finding the right Charleston SC Realtor to work with.  Consumer advocates highly recommend that home buyers hire their own real estate agents to represent them during the home buying process.  This is because the co-broker real estate fees that the seller agrees to pay have been pre-negotiated and factored into the home's sales price.

When selecting your Charleston Realtor, you need to find someone who you can trust and get along with.  This is important because not all realtors are alike.  The realtor you select will either make your home purchase fun and exciting or painful and depressing.  You will also need to feel confident that your Charleston real estate agent's decision making and negotiating skills are excellent.  After all, this person will be representing you for the entire home purchase not just finding you the right home.  Although, your finding the right home at the best price is very important. It is only the beginning.  The real estate agent's skills will be put to the test during price negotiation, financing, homeowner’s insurance, flood insurance, title insurance, HUD-1 settlement instructions, home inspections, CL-100 inspections and many other important areas which I will discuss for you later.

In order to have a successful home purchase, your Charleston Realtor needs to demonstrate to you a firm working knowledge of each professionals role during the home purchase process.  The Buyer Agent's ability to multi-task and communicate effectively with all these different types of professionals is difficult at best.  You need a Buyer's Agent with years of experience in dealing with contracts, addendums, riders, binders, lenders, brokers, agents, attorneys, inspectors, insurers, disclosures and the like.  This is why you need someone like the Charleston Home Advisor to communicate and negotiate effectively on your behalf.

The South Carolina Real Estate Commission recently changed the laws concerning the differences between being a "customer" and a “client”.  You need buyer's agency representation now more than ever before.  Don't leave you next home purchase to chance.


Buyer's Agents require certain skill sets ::
I have compiled a list of several important reasons why you need the Charleston Home Advisor as your Charleston Buyer's Agent.


Extensive knowledge of the local market :: You need a Charleston SC REALTOR who knows the inventory of homes available to you at any given time.  With my knowledge of the local market, I can quickly identify existing homes, as well as, homes about to come on the market that meet your search criteria.  I am constantly showing Charleston homes for sale to potential home buyers like yourself.  Therefore, I know which Charleston SC homes currently on the market represent good value and offer good long term appreciation as well as being the perfect place to call home.  This local knowledge can save you precious time and money.  Why get frustrated seeing homes which you know are not even close to what you are looking for.
Determine the fair market value for the home's purchase price :: The appraisal is completed by the lender after the legal agreement to purchase South Carolina real estate is fully executed.  The lender uses this professional appraisal, from a South Carolina Licensed Appraiser, to verify the home's value.  We will obviously need to make your home purchase contingent upon the house appraising for at least the contact's agreed upon purchase price.  However, this appraisal contingency, although important, will only surface late in the home purchase process.  Therefore, you want to be sure that the purchase price you agree to pay for the home will be below the appraised value. This is where you need a Charleston Buyer's Agent with extensive knowledge and experience.  Why would anyone want to negotiate the purchase of their next home through the listing agent?  The listing agent was hired to represent the sellers not the buyers.   So, why wouldn’t you want to hire someone to negotiate on your behalf if the seller is already paying for this service?
Discuss various home mortgage financing programs :: Today, there are so many mortgage programs it can be confusing.  This is where a simple ten minute conversation can help you determine which program is right for your particular needs.  I always recommend that you interview at least two mortgage consultants in order to get an idea of rates and programs.  After shopping mortgage brokers, we will discuss everything in detail and select the best lender  for your particular needs.
Prepare necessary contracts and addendums :: The most important contract you sign and I will negotiate on your behalf is the agreement to buy South Carolina Real Estate. We will also include different addendums to the contract which are designed to further protect your interests.  In the agreement to Purchase South Carolina Real Estate, you have certain rights, contingencies, time expirations, stipulations, and various clauses which need to be completed and communicated effectively to the listing agent in order to protect your interests.
Consider sellers counter offer :: Counter offers most generally happen and this is the time when you really need a very strong negotiator working on your behalf.
Review South Carolina’s Seller Disclosure Form :: The South Carolina Real Estate Commission requires that every seller complete a four page form which is used to disclose any know material or latent defects about the home or property.  I will review this document for its accuracy and determine if we have any questions or concerns regarding the purchase of the home prior to our writing an offer.
Negotiate home inspection repairs :: Often times you will find that there are more negotiating skills required by the buyer’s agent in removing the home inspection contingency than there is negotiating the original contract.  You will always want to be sure and have a good home inspector complete a thorough examination of the home before it's purchased.  I will provide you with a list of licensed home inspectors and provide you with recommendations
Coordinate the various different types of insurance coverage you need for the purchase of your home :: The Charleston South Carolina area is referred to as the Lowcountry for good reason and the majority of the properties will be located in what is called a flood zone.  There are different types of flood zones requiring homes be built to different heights/elevations. Flood insurance premiums and coverage is regulated by the Federal Government (FEMA) and the state of South Carolina (SCIC) agencies.  You will most likely need to incorporate flood insurance into your insurance coverage.  Earthquake insurance is also another coverage you will also need.  Earthquake protection falls under your regular homeowner's insurance as a rider and not your purchasing separate insurance. You will find that many national insurance companies will not write homeowners insurance during different times of the year.  If there is an active tropical storm, most insurance companies stop writing homeowner's insurance.  The Charleston Home Advisor will help you obtain homeowner's insurance coverage and answer any questions.
Finalize details with settlement attorney :: The settlement attorney will perform a title search at the Charleston  County Court house and will write a title opinion letter for the mortgage underwriter's review.  The mortgagee clause on the deed of trust requires that the settlement attorney provide a clear title opinion letter before the mortgage loan can be funded for closing.  The settlement attorney also determines the various escrow amounts like property tax, homeowner's insurance and flood insurance.  The HUD-1 settlement sheet breaks down everything into categories like pre-paid items, escrows, recording fees, tax stamps,  attorney's fees, mortgage fees, mortgage payoffs.  As your Buyer's Agent, I will review the HUD-1 settlement pages before closing.
Schedule final walk through ::  We will need to make sure the home is still representative of the condition from when we first entered into the contract to buy the property.
Attend closing to assure all goes as planned :: As your buyer’s representative, I want to be sure that all you need to do is show up and sign the closing documents.
Timely response to all your calls or emails :: Your buying a home is one of the most important investment decisions and one of the biggest financial transactions you will complete during your lifetime.  So, I will be sure to answer/return you phone calls or e-mails promptly.  This is a service business and I take great pride in providing the best possible representation and service to my clients.
In summary, you now realize the importance of selecting the right Charleston SC Realtor to work with during your home purchase.  The buyer's agent you select needs to display the experience and professionalism that is required and needed in order to complete a successful real estate transaction.  It takes years of experience before a Realtor can completely understand real estate contracts, addendums, financing, insurances and inspections. Why leave this all important decision of selecting your Charleston SC Realtor to chance?  Become a Charleston Home Advisor client and make sure the Charleston Home Advisor is working for you!

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