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The most important decision you have to make besides the important decision of selling your home is finding the right Charleston SC Realtor to list your home for sale.  You need to select someone you can trust.  This is because you need honest answers to important questions like how much is my home worth or how long will it take to sell my home .


One important characteristic to look for in a good Realtor is their ability to listen.  Good real estate agents will always find time to listen to what is important to their clients.  They will also repeat back to the client exactly what their goals and objectives are.  The Listing Agent will do this in order to fully understand the clients goals and objectives.  This will guarantee that their home's unique selling situation will  be incorporated into the home’s customized marketing plan.  What determines a successful home sale?  The Charleston Home Advisor defines a successful home sale as your home receiving maximum market exposure while earning the maximum sales price, all while meeting your scheduled time line to move.  In today’s real estate market, your home receiving maximum exposure will require marketing your home over the internet. This is because statistics show us that the overwhelmingly majority of home buyers will start the home buying process by first searching and utilizing the Internet.  By listing your home with a Charleston SC Realtor who maintains a prominent local and national Internet presence, like the Charleston Home Advisor real estate web site, you guarantee that your home will receive the best internet exposure possible.

Besides marketing your home on the Internet, there are many other marketing strategies that are important to the sale of your home..  My favorite is the Agent Owned yard sign.  The Agent Owned Realty yard sign is recognized and respected throughout Charleston County by both area residents and fellow local Realtors alike.  Charleston County residents have come to know and respect the attractive white and blue Agent Owned Realty yard sign.  They see our sign and associate it with honesty, integrity and hard work.


There is a long list of reasons why you need the best Charleston SC Realtor to sell your home and I have just listed a few important ones for you to review:

  1. Extensive knowledge of the local market- You need a Charleston SC Realtor who knows and appreciates your homes value. I will conduct an extensive market analysis of your home by comparing and incorporating homes recently sold in the neighborhood.  I will also conduct an analysis for homes currently listed on the market.  During the home appraisal process, there are important and necessary adjustments which need to be made in order to derive at the true market value.  I will provide you with a thorough explanation of how I necessary adjustment were made to determine your home's suggested list price.. The housing market and inventory of homes is constantly changing and you need a Realtor who is well informed.  You need a professional who can help guide you with making well informed decisions.
  2. Personal Brochure- I will prepare a personal brochure utilizing my personal knowledge for your home and make it appeal to the potential buyer.  This brochure will highlight the benefits and features in a way so that someone can see how owning your home is making the right decision.  The brochure will be available in electronic format and sent via email to my already identified buyers obtained from my web site and are part of my extensive database.  This electronic brochure will also go to local realtors and other prospective buyers.
  3. Virtual Tour- I will develop a complete virtual tour of your home which will focus on the main points and areas of your home which standout.  By highlighting your home’s best features, you increase the odds of getting a full price offer in a short period of time.   There are potential buyers today who will not even consider buying a home which doesn’t offer a virtual tour for them to review over the Internet.  You need the best technology working for you.  This virtual tour will not only be on my web site but on many other heavily visited local and national web sites.
  4. Verify buyer’s mortgage financing- This is a simple proactive way to stop problems from happening but it involves extra work and organization.  I will always be proactive working hard for you to make sure that everything on the buyers financing side is on schedule and ready for closing.
  5. Prepare contracts and addendums- The first contract you sign is not really a contract.  It is the state of South Carolina’s disclosure form which requires every Realtor by law to determine their relationship with the buyer.  The main contract you sign is the one to purchase South Carolina Real Estate and additional addendums as needed.  In the agreeing to Purchase South Carolina Real Estate contract, you have rights, contingencies, time expirations, stipulations, and various clauses which need to be completed in order to protect your interests.  
  6. Consider sellers counter offer- This most generally happens and it is a time when you will need a very strong negotiator working on your behalf.  Your having the right Realtor working for you can make the difference of thousands of dollars.  I have seen home seller’s time and again compromise their side of the transaction many different reasons.  You need a Realtor to communicate why you need to proceed in a certain direction in order to maintain a favorable outcome.
  7. Review South Carolina’s Seller Disclosure form- The South Carolina Real Estate Commission requires all property owners to disclose any know material or latent defects about the home.  I will review the seller's disclosure form its accuracy and be proactive in addressing any concerns regarding the home.
  8. Negotiate home inspection repairs- Often time’s home buyers will ask that everything be repaired or replaced before they will agree to remove the inspection contingency.  This is where a firm and tactful approach with the new buyer’s is needed in order to eliminate any unreasonable requests for costly repairs.  My negotiating skills can save you from spending thousands of dollars.
  9. Finalize details with settlement attorney- The settlement attorney needs to coordinate the transfer of funds.  You need a Realtor who understands the money trail.  Time is of the essence, you are entitled to timely disbursements of funds.
  10. Attend closing to assure all goes as planned- You need representation for the entire transaction and this means attending the closing to review the HUD-1 settlement statement.
  11. Timely responses to all your calls or emails- You will receive timely feedback on all potential buyers and possible contracts.  Your being better informed makes for a smoother transaction.
  12. Variable Commission- I can offer you a lower commission.  Call me for specific details 843.224.3233


The Internet is real and plays a big role in Charleston's real estate market for attracting qualified buyers to purchase your home.  You need the best Internet exposure available to guarantee your home receives the best exposure. So, why wouldn’t you want the best local internet real estate web site working for you?
There are many other selling strategies I look forward to discussing with you in detail.  Please call me to schedule an appointment for us to meet and discuss these ideas in depth.

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