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The Charleston job market is becoming more diverse by the day.  You can't help notice the increase of better paying jobs coming to the Charleston area.  The Charleston area is moving away from the State’s more traditional textile and manufacturing jobs to one of biotechnology, technology and aerospace.  One of Charleston's largest employers Blackbaud corporation is a large software developer specializing in non-profit financial software.

Charleston County will continue to hit the radar screens of these cutting edge companies and the housing market prices will continue its upward trend.

Here are the larger employers in the area and their web sites:

Charleston County Schools- Charleston County School District Jobs
Charleston County Library-
College of Charleston-

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Local Government:
City of Charleston-
Town of Mt. Pleasant-
Charleston County-

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Medical University of South Carolina-
Roper Medical Hospital-

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Bell South-
Time Warner Cable-

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Media and Broadcasting:

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Law Firms:
Motley Rice-
Rosen, Rosen & Hagood, LLC-

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Anesthesiologists, dentists among area's best-paid workers
Of The Post and Courier Staff

Next time you go in for surgery and meet the anesthesiologist, know that you're in the hands of one of the highest-paid workers in the Lowcountry.

Anesthesiologists in the Charleston area average more than $208,000 a year in wages -- $50,000 more than dentists, who rake in a mere $152,230, on average.

Of course, not everyone in Charleston earns a six-digit annual salary. In fact, the average worker in the Charleston metropolitan area made only $31,380 in 2003, according to recently released figures from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

At the low end of the area's wage scale, workers in movie theaters and restaurants generally make less than $14,000 a year.

Some of the differences in pay along the scale seem a little puzzling.

Your child's preschool teacher, for example, probably is making a little more than $17,000, but when your kids enter kindergarten, their teacher will earn in $38,500 on average.

Why the disparity? Amy Beauston, assistant principal of Mount Pleasant preschool Chesterbrook Academy, said it's a combination of education and experience -- more education equals more money. And while kindergarten teachers need a college degree, preschool ones don't.

Charleston is known for being a city filled with attractive people, and its residents are willing to pay the price for quality attention. For example, while your dietitian is helping you lose those extra pounds, he or she is earning 36 percent above the average salary -- $42,800 a year. As your dental hygienists clean your pearly whites, know they're compensated well -- receiving more than $51,000, 63 percent above the average.

Clap louder next time you go to a show in Charleston, because the musicians and singers are averaging only $26,230, with choreographers receiving a touch more at $26,500.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics says there are 248,010 people in the Charleston labor force, making an average of $15.08 an hour. That average is almost $2 an hour more than Myrtle Beach's $13.09 an hour and a touch under Columbia's $15.77.

Even though average pay for Charlestonians exceeds that of Grand Stranders, the lowest-paid workers in the Lowcountry get $6.37 an hour, whereas up north they're receiving $7.23.

That bottom spot on the pay scale is filled by approximately 150 ushers, lobby attendants and ticket takers, with an average annual salary of $13,250. Ranking a close second are 2,420 people working as fast-food clerks and making only $500 more a year. The area's approximately 6,000 waiters and waitresses come in a tight third from the bottom, averaging $13,720 a year -- based on the salary and tips they report to the IRS, of course.

There are about 26,200 people earning less than $15,000 a year in the tri-county region, in jobs ranging from dishwashers and child care workers to taxi drivers and chauffeurs.

Filling the top of the spectrum are the expected doctors, lawyers and chief executives. But personal-finance advisers rank high with an average $114,310 yearly paycheck, and natural-science managers make $103,730.

So does an anesthesiologist deserve the top spot on the charts?

Medical University of South Carolina anesthesiologist and assistant professor Mitchell Weinstein said he's not sure who should get paid the most, but his is a risky job that required many years of schooling.

"The job is extremely stressful. Your life is in our hands," Weinstein said. "Plus, you pay $50,000 a year to go to medical school, and then have a four-year residency when you get out. Then you work, and even when you're done with your residency, you still average 65- to 70-hour weeks."

Extra schooling also pays off for lawyers in Charleston, with their average salary reaching about $111,000. On the other hand, paralegals make about $30,790. But next time you see a judge or magistrate, remember they gave up the six-figure salary of an attorney for their current $66,270.

Also averaging more than paralegals are diesel mechanics, who bring in $34,470. But if fixing engines is your thing, you should aim for a position as an aircraft mechanic -- they make about $3,000 more.

Looking at broad job categories, BLS figures show that legal occupations offer the highest average wages at $69,990. Management positions rank second at $64,280


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