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Charleston County Schools


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Charleston County School Web Site-
The Charleston County School District web site is a great resource for you to gather important information and organize it.  The Charleston County School Districtís web site is continually working hard to improve the communication lines between administrators, educators, board members, parents and the community.  The Charleston County School District's web site truly does contain a wealth of information.  The below links will provide you access to detailed information like the school location, student/teacher ratio, and its overall rating.

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Charleston County School District Map-
The Charleston County School District Map is divided into eight school districts. When you select one of the eight district areas located on the map, you will find the complete list of schools for that particular district.  You can then learn more information on each school by selecting the schoolís respective link.

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Charleston County School District Report Cards-
The Charleston County School District Report Cards provide an honest and comprehensive view of each school in the Charleston County School District.  You will find that the Charleston County School District Report Cards were designed to help you find very specific and important information regarding the respective school.  Things you are likely to find useful are the student/teacher ratio, exit test scores, improvement rating, socio-economic status, percentage of teachers holding advanced degrees along with other useful statistics.

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Charleston County High Schools:


Wando High School


Mt. Pleasant

Isle of Palms

Sullivanís Island 


Click here to see more information about the newly built Wando High School

Click here to see images of the newly built Wando High School

Wando High School Report Card

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St. Johnís High School


Johns Island Wadmalaw Island Kiawah Island Seabrook Island

St. Johnís High School Report Card

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James Island High School


James Island Report Card

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West Ashley High School


West Ashley Report Card

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Charleston - Burke High School


Burke High School Report Card

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Charleston County Middle Schools


Mt. Pleasant Middle Schools


Mt. Pleasant Isle of Palms Sullivanís Island

Laing Middle School Report Card

Thomas Cairo Report Card

Moultrie Report Card

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Other Area Middle Schools


Johns Island Wadmalaw Island Kiawah Island Seabrook Island


Haut Gap Report Card

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James Island


James Island Middle Report Card

Ft. Johnson Middle Report Card

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West Ashley


West Ashley Report Card

Drayton Hall Report Card

C.E. Williams Report Card

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 Report Card

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Charleston County Elementary Schools


Mt. Pleasant Elementary Schools


Laurel Hill Primary


Belle Hall Report Card

James Edwards Report Card

Jennie Moore Report Card

Charles Pinckney Report Card

Mamie Whitesides Report Card

Sullivanís Island Report Card

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Other Area Middle Schools



Johns Island Kiawah Island Seabrook Island


Angel Oak Report Card

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Johns Island


Frierson Report Card Mt. Zion Report Card

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James Island


Harbor View Report Card

Stiles Point Report Card


Murray -  LaSaine Report Card

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West Ashley


Ashley River Report Card

Stono Park Report Card

Orange Grove Report Card


Oakland Report Card

Springfield Report Card

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Memminger Report Card

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The Charleston County School district is also one of the largest employers in the Charleston Lowcounty. 

 Search here for Charleston County School District jobs.



Charleston's Private Schools


Ashley Hall

Bishop England


First Baptist Church of Mt. Pleasant


Ashley Hall-
Ashley Hall was founded in 1909 by another of Charlestonís pioneering woman Mary Vardrine McBee.  Ms. McBeeís vision to prepare young women for college carries on today.  Ashley Hallís college placement is 100 percent! You will find that the studentís acceptance to the college or university of their choice is the norm.  In 1948, the Ashley Hall Foundation was formed in order to purchase the preparatory school from Ms. McBee.  In 1949, Ms. McBee retired after 50 years as Headmistress of Ashley Hall.

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Bishop England-
Bishop England High School was founded in 1915 by the Charleston Catholic community.  Mrs. Thomas F. Ryan, of New York City, donated the property located at 203 Calhoun Street to the church for the building of this parochial school.  In 1921, the existing property from the original purchase was torn down and another school was built in its place. You can only imagine life as a student back then where only Catholic nuns taught the dayís lesson.  You think The Citadel has disciplined learning.  Today you see kids running after school dismissal with their nice white shirts and forest green pleated skirts and slacks. Bishop England High School is the largest Catholic private school in the state of South Carolina.

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Bishop England High School Photos


Porter-Gaud School was founded in 1867 by the Reverend Anthony Toomer Porter and the Charleston Episcopal Church community.  In 1939, the school transferred ownership to the Board of Trustees but the Episcopal Church influence remains intact. Porter-Gaud is made up of three schools, the lower school grades K-5, the middle school grades 6-8, and the upper school grades 9-12.  There is even an extended day school available to children grades K-5.  This co-educational college preparatory school is dedicated at achieving high SAT scores.  Their studentís average SAT scores are always some of Charlestonís highest scores.

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First Baptist Church School of Mount Pleasant-
First Baptist Church School was founded in 1953 by the parishioners of First Baptist Church in Mt. Pleasant.  In 1917, twenty-two members started the First Baptist Church of Mt. Pleasant.  The churchís original location was located along Pitt Street near the Charleston Harbor in the Old Village.  In 1964, the church decided to move the school to its current location which is on McCants Drive in Old Mt. Pleasant.  The First Baptist Church School of Mt. Pleasant earns high marks for its education of children K-12.  First Baptist Church School also offers an extended day school program for all children K3-12.

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First Baptist Church of Mt. Pleasant School Photos





Charlestonís Higher Education


Charleston's Colleges and Universities


College of Charleston


The Citadel


The College of Charleston-
The College of Charleston was established in 1770 and is a college campus representative of the same sophistication of its sister Ivy League schools up north but without the snow.  The majority of the campus is located in Historic Downtown Charleston between the streets of Wentworth and Calhoun.  The college continues to be a favorite of mine,

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College of Charleston Photo Gallery


The Medical University of South Carolina was established in 1824.  The Medical University of South Carolina was incorporated into the stateís higher education program back in 1913 in order to provide proper funding for its continued success as a medical university.  It was not until the visionary Dr. Kenneth Merrill Lynch recognized the need for the university to have its own hospital in order to help facilitate instruction and research.  Dr. Lynch is known as the person being responsible for the oversight of fundraising and also the construction for the new hospital.  The new Medical University of South Carolinaís medical center was started in 1951 and was completed in 1955.  This new medical center is today still providing new methods of treatment and cutting edge procedures.  Dr. Lynch not only promoted growth for the Medical University but also gave the community access to the latest technology and research with the new hospital.  Today, The Medical University of South Carolina has over 500 teaching faculty.

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The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina-
The Citadel Military College was established in 1842 where students were not only there to learn but also to protect and guard the city of Charleston.  During the Civil War, the Citadel Cadets where known as ďThe Battalion of State CadetsĒ.  Over its many years of existence the Citadel has become famous for not only its academics but also its military discipline.  The Citadel is located along the Ashley River and the campus is truly magnificent.  The Mark Clark Highway which connects Mount Pleasant to West Ashley is named after General Mark Clark who served as The Citadelís President from 1954 to 1965.

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In summary, your ability to research a particular Charleston school for the overall performance, yearly progress report, dollars spent per pupil, teachers holding advanced degrees and a principal's tenure are all very important facts you need to know before making the all to important decision of where to send my children to school.


This is why we have gathered and assembled all this information for you. Because deciding on your child's next new school is very important to us. We have compiled for you this comprehensive list of Charleston County Public Schools and grouped them by High School, Middle School and Elementary School as well as Private Schools, Colleges and Universities.  You now have the ability to search, research and compare all of the Charleston area schools from one easy location.



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Story last updated at 6:40 a.m. Thursday, September 9, 2004

Report ranks S.C. school performance
Of The Post and Courier Staff

South Carolina's public schools perform better than expected, considering the disadvantages students bring to the classroom, according to a new report by the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research.

After factoring in students' socioeconomic challenges, the conservative think tank concluded that South Carolina schools perform at the national average. The report ranks South Carolina 26th in academic performance and 24th in spending money efficiently, among the 50 states and Washington, D.C. The report was based on 2001 test scores on the National Assessment of Educational Progress, graduation rates and state budgets.

Author Jay Greene counted South Carolina among "places getting a bad rap undeservedly."

"South Carolina still has mediocre results," he said. "They're just not abysmal results."

The findings were part of a report released Tuesday that compares the disadvantages students faced 30 years ago to those today.

The study looked at 16 factors, including income, percentage of single parents, crime rates, English-speaking abilities, parents' education levels and access to health care and pre-kindergarten programs.

It weighed all factors equally. Conditions improved in 10 factors and worsened in six, according to the 44-page report.

Greene believes it debunks educators' excuses that schools perform poorly because students today are harder to teach.

"In general, kids are coming to school with fewer challenges," he said. "In some ways, it's gotten worse, but on the balance it's a little better."

In South Carolina, he said, "there's some truth to the common educator complaint."

South Carolina ranks 36th on the report's teachability index. Washington, D.C., ranks last, meaning its students must overcome the greatest challenges. The report puts school performance in South Carolina at 102 percent of expected academic levels and 106 percent efficiency.

"Still, other states with similar disadvantages nevertheless produce better results," Greene said.

North Carolina, for example, ranked 43rd in teachability, yet fifth in performance.

The report concludes that students in states with strong accountability systems perform at higher levels. South Carolina ranks ninth in accountability and testing.

"This means we should stop worrying about families and focus on school improvement," Greene said. "We shouldn't blame the kids and families on lack of progress. We have to focus on the schools to make a difference."



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