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Historic Charleston Real Estate : For top local representation in the prime areas of Historic Charleston including, South of Broad, Ansonborough, and Harleston Village you owe it to yourself to call Mark Costello first at 843.224.3233!




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South of Broad is where the old money meets the new money.  If you have plenty of money and are looking to live in the city then South of Broad is your best choice.  The premier street, South of Broad, is South Battery.  Here you will find homes overlooking the Charleston Harbor.  Charleston Historic Homes, South of Broad, sell for several million dollars.

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Ansonborough is named after Admiral George Anson (1697 - 1762) of the royal British navy.  Ansonborough is located near East Bay and Market Street which provides you easy access to restaurants and shopping.  The premier streets located in the Ansonborough neighborhood are Hassell and Wentworth.  Here you will find homes selling for over one million dollars.

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Harleston Village is located near the Medical University of South Carolina and Roper Hospital.  You will find Harleston Village an eclectic place to live .  The premier streets located in the Harleston Village neighborhood are Ashley and Rutledge Avenues.  Here you will find homes selling for over one million dollars.

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Charleston SC was founded back in 1670 by English settlers who were commissioned by England's King Charles.  In honor of their King, the settlers named the town Charles Towne.  This exact location, Charles Towne Landing, is really a few miles away from where the city is located  today.

The city of Charleston South Carolina has endured many obstacles throughout its existence.  Enemy forces have occupied the city during both the Revolutionary and Civil wars.  The enemy occupations have influenced Charleston's great history that it enjoys today.
In addition to military occupation, mother nature has played her role in shaping Charleston's history and making it into the beautiful city it is today.  The Charleston area residents along with their homes have endured major fires, floods and one major earthquake back in the late 1800's.

Everyone loves living in Charleston for its rich history, outdoor recreation, culture events and architectural charm.  The Charleston charm we enjoy today is from the hard work of many great people, societies, conservations and foundations.  One hard working non-profit is called The Preservation Society of Charleston.

The Charleston preservation movement started as a result of an informal meeting back in 1921.  The location of this informal meeting back in 1921 was 20 Battery Street which is now where you will find Battery Carriage House a lovely bed and breakfast .  This 1921 meeting resulted in the formation of the Preservation Society of Charleston which became the first historic society in the nation of its kind and it continues to remain the perfect role model for many historic societies throughout the country.

The Preservation Society of Charleston’s founder, Susan Pringel Frost, recognized the need for more city involvement and in 1931 pioneered the nation’s first town regulated zoning and ordinance laws.  These new town zoning and ordinance laws were then used in conjunction with the Preservation Society’s goal to effectively preserve Charleston’s wonderful history, culture, and architecture.  Susan Pringel Frost served on the town’s zoning and ordinance boards for many years.  She was a truly remarkable woman and ahead of her time.  Susan Pringel Frost’s courage, vision, eccentricity, and tenacity helped make the town of Charleston the unique city and place that it is today.

The Charleston Preservation Society holds an annual walking tour event during the fall weekends.  This tour includes many famous historic homes located among several hundred other Charleston Historic homes.  The Charleston Preservation Society’s annual walking tour will provide you with the unique opportunity of experiencing a behind the scenes tour of some truly magnificent and historic homes. The majority of Charleston’s Historic properties are owned by private individuals living an eclectic lifestyle.

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