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Waterfront Property in Charleston


Charleston Waterfront Homes for Sale


The Charleston Home Advisor will act as your buyer's agent while locating Charleston waterfront property for sale.  The Charleston Home Advisor's in depth experience will help you identify the right Charleston waterfront property.  Your making the right decision is always our main goal. This is why it is so important to buy the best property at the best possible price and enjoy its appreciation. Charleston waterfront property is now hitting price levels where only the luxury-class home buyer can really afford to live on the water.

The links to recent sales data of waterfront homes and lots below are only examples shown for illustrative purposes only and are intended to give the reader a general “feel” for current pricing.  Please let the Charleston Home Advisor know if you would like more detailed information on waterfront homes and lots or if you would like us to do a custom search of waterfront properties currently for sale based on your specific search criteria.


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The Charleston Home Advisor expects waterfront property to continue its fast appreciation into the foreseeable future. This is a direct result of demand completely out stripping supply.
The main contributing factor to driving  the deepwater lot prices higher is that investors are purchasing 25 to 45% of the vacant deepwater lots as soon as they become available on the market and we do not see this slowing down anytime soon.    It is not uncommon to see real estate developers holding lotteries or individual owners reviewing multiple contracts.  This scarcity of waterfront lots will demand the higher premiums because of their limited supply. So, if you want to live on the water, you better hurry because that highly sought after piece of real estate is appreciating fast.


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